Warehouse Range

Order Pickers

The latest range of Order Pickers, like all Hyster products, deliver superb dependability and low cost of ownership, offering a total solution to the application needs of a vast array of industries.

A range of Low Level and Mid-High Level Order Pickers has been designed to make the order picking process as easy as possible for the operator. The range also offers excellent advantages for cross docking and load shuttling.

The comprehensive range of models and options extends the choice of truck configuration to provide the best solution for each customer’s application and to maximise pick face access and warehouse space utilisation

Low Level Order Pickers

The L Series Order Pickers help operators to pick individual items at low level locations.

  • Easy on/off access combines with powerful 4 kW AC drive motor for sustained productivity over a full shift of picking.
  • Powerful acceleration, high torque and rapid direction changes meet the demands of frequent stop and go operation along the pick route.

Choose the L02.0 and L02.0L with independent fork-lift and pedestrian operation for outstanding versatility.

Or, the L02.0L for frequent second level picking.

K Series, Mid-High Level Order Pickers

The K Series with rising cab helps operators to pick individual items at medium to high locations.

  • Available with rail or wire guidance.
  • Feature side gates to protect the operator.
  • Feature a walk-on pallet cage for direct access.
  • A comprehensive array of customised options such as cabin widths, load side controls and walk on forks is available to suit individual applications.
  • AC drive motor on K1.0H and K1.0M delivers superior productivity and low maintenance requirements.

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